What nuts are useful for men’s health? We all know that nuts are unique products, rich in nutrients, but whether all types of nuts have a magical effect on the male body?

What nuts are useful for men?

In nature, there are a large number of products essential for men’s health: parsley, dill, ginger, flax seed oil, thyme, onion, garlic, etc. All of these plants – a natural remedy for potency.

As for nuts, even our ancestors have endowed them with magical properties. Some people believe that this is the strongest aphrodisiac, others believed that it is a cure-all, others are confident that nuts stimulate brain function. In some nations of plebs, people even were not allowed to eat nuts, because the oracles feared that the lower strata of society may become too clever.

Nowadays nuts are often used for the prevention of potency. Among all the varieties of the product can be identified those that are especially useful for the male body:

– peanut;
– walnut;
– almond;
– hazelnut;
– pine nuts;
– pistachios.

Unlike all other represented products, pistachios are not only used for the impotence prevention but are for improving sperm quality. Their structure consists of 4 essential components for the male health:

– unsaturated fats;
– zinc;
– arginine;
– folic acid.

It is mostly recommended to consume no more than 100 grams of a product.

Can nuts bring any harm to health?

Excessive use is undesirable, even of the most useful product, so before using too many peanuts, consult with your medical professional. Let him confirm that you may surely use this product and mark the required daily rate.

Using the product is forbidden to those who have an intolerance to peanuts. Allergic reactions can be severe and life-threatening, so it is worth not just to refrain from eating the fruit itself, but also oil or peanut milk. It is forbidden to use this nut for people with high blood viscosity, varicose veins, overweight, arthrosis, arthritis, gout.

Sour cream and walnuts for men

Why is this combination the most useful? The fact that the sour cream itself a useful product, enhancing potency, but it also helps the nuts to be better absorbed.

This combination has two actions: short-term and long-term. If immediately before intercourse a man eats 10-15 walnuts and sour cream, he will feel a significant improvement. An erection will be achieved faster and become more stable. If a man regularly uses this mixture, then this effect will be stronger and more durable.

How to enhance the effect of the product?

There are various methods that can help get rid of the problems with potency. If you decide to use the recipes of traditional medicine, you must be prepared for the fact that the treatment is quite long and you have to wait for the effect in a few weeks or months. To accelerate the emergence of positive changes, you may take advantage of proven medicines, for example, generic Viagra 20 mg.

Nuts are unique useful products that should be included in the diet. But remember, even the most useful product may have a negative effect on the body. Therefore, you should not consume it immensely.