Our reproductive system is one of the most sensitive in the entire organism. If something goes wrong, sexual system often reacts first. No surprise that men’s sexual performance depends on a variety of external and internal factors. And one of these factors is the pattern of his sexual behavior. Experts still can’t come to a consensus – what is more harmful for men’s power: sexual abstinence or uncontrolled sexual behavior. But it is evident that frequent changes of sexual partners, free relations and lack of stability are not geed for men’s sexuality.

Do Men Really Need Diversity?

Uncontrolled Sexual Behavior as a Possible Cause of Erectile Dysfunction!There is a widespread belief in our society that all stronger sex representatives need diversity in bed and several sexual partners at a time. Some men even associate the number of sexual partners with a level of masculinity. However, experts believe that all that men really need is stability and regularity. But there is one important point: a man should be satisfied with his relations with the partner, in particular, their sexual life.

As for diversity, yes, all the people need it. But it relates mostly to the diversity of sexual poses, experiences, places, roleplays. But it doesn’t imply frequent changes of sexual partners. Well, it can be ok for a 20-year-old guy, when his sexual activity and testosterone level reach their peak values. But with the course of time men become more and more inclined to regularity.

Uncontrolled Sexual Behavior and Its Impact on Sexual Performance

When specialists say about uncontrolled sexual behavior of a man, they usually mean the following aspects:

  • Lack of a regular sexual partner, casual relationship (so-called one-night stands) with different women.
  • Lack of regularity: periods of intensive sexual activity are followed by periods of complete sexual abstinence.
  • Lack of proper contraception.

Uncontrolled Sexual Behavior as a Possible Cause of Erectile Dysfunction!No surprise that such a behavior can’t but impacts all sides of a man’s sexual life, even if he doesn’t realize it to the full extent. Lack of a regular partner means a lack of affection. Sax complemented by love, respect and devotion is always of a higher quality than sex without love. Ideally, sex should bring not just a physiologic satisfaction, but a moral content as well. When sex is used just for a drive reduction, a man stays unsatisfied deep inside. With the course of time it can grow into depression, which becomes a cause of potency problems.

Lack of regularity is as bad for potency as irregular training is bad for muscles. Athletes know well that if you want to gain a muscle mass, you should train regularly in your personal pace, which is comfortable for you. When periods of intensive exercising are followed by long periods of physical passivity, it brings no result and is harmful for muscles and health. The same is about sexual activity. Like all our systems and organs, sexual system should work regularly to maintain a good health.

Lack of proper contraception is definitely harmful for sexual life as well. It increases the risk of an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, causes anxiety and uncertainty.