What to eat to increase potency?

We are very fortunate that we are able to always stay on the top of sexual possibilities. And even ordinary food eating every day can help us. Our health is highly dependent on what kind of food we consume. Our organs and systems need regular feeding with vitamins and minerals, so we can feel ourselves healthy only in this case. Sexual desire also needs “feeding” with necessary substances.

Eating the right foods to maintain a huge level of libido should be regular, not to get the “gift” of erectile dysfunction or weakening of the desire. Who is still in such a situation may be only recommended to consume Sildenafil.

The sildenafil obtaining is occurred in a chemical way and therefore there is no this component in natural food. Sildenafil is a synthetic chemical that is created with using a special chain process. Moreover, it is difficult to obtain, so you can not repeat this chain of chemical reactions in your own kitchen.

Nevertheless, this synthetic product can be replaced by natural counterparts. To increase the potency it is recommended to eat foods aphrodisiacs. Potency products contain in their ranks certain vitamins that stimulate the production of sex hormones and kindle passion.


Aphrodisiac traditionally includes any animal or plant origin products, which have the ability to increase the potency and improve sexual function.

These products include chocolate, olive oil, asparagus, coffee, figs, bananas, and vanilla. Also, with regular use, the sexual function is beneficial to the following foods:

– Some fruits: pomegranates, citrus fruits, figs;
– Onion and garlic;
– Greenery;
– Lean meat;
– Dandelion leaves;
– Milk and dairy products;
– Fish and seafood.

The effect of these foodstuffs will not be as fast and pronounced as from the sildenafil using, but it entirely eliminates the possibility of side effects. In addition, the qualitatively balanced diet will have a positive influence not just on the reproductive system, but also on the whole body.

Also except useful food for the potency, Viagra can be used. This drug is designed to enhance an erection within minutes, while the fish or garlic may show their effect within a few hours.

The discovery by scientists the ability of Sildenafil

The favorable effect of Sildenafil citrate 20 mg on male/female potency was a turning point in pharmacology sphere and has improved the sex quality of millions of people. Due to this component men are able to re-establish the quality of erections and to increase the duration of the sexual act, regardless of their age.

Effect of Sildenafil on the females was detected a little later, but every year the facility is becoming more common among females. The ability to experience the sexual desire to their partners even in menopause, the extension of orgasm and increasing sensations during sex are the main properties of the medicament, which easily returns the joy to love life, not just for the fair sex, but also for their men.