Problems with potency at 20, 30 or 40 years can cause a lack of confidence, irritability and even depression. There are various reasons that trigger erectile dysfunction of males. However, remember that impotence may be cured and return self-reliance.

Problems with potency at 20 years – causes

Impotence at 20 years is not a widespread phenomenon. Scientists say that the age and erectile dysfunction are not connected with each other. The causes of the appearance of such unpleasant problems may be diseases accumulating during the whole life. Violation of erectile function depends on:

– genetic factors,
– biological problems
– nature of sexual activity,
– psychological factors.

The main cause of the potency problems at 20 years may be diabetes, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular or neurological disease.

Psychiatrists say they are sometimes faced with the fact that a young man who is inspired by the idea of the shamefulness of sexual intercourse, rather difficult has sex afterwards. This psychological factor affects the males in such a huge degree that they start having problems with erectile function.

Besides negative impact is given by unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, frequent alcohol intake.

Signs of impotence at 30 years

Problems with a potency of aged males at 30 years old may occur for the same reasons as of young guys. But even at this age the chronic fatigue, chronic stress, the possible presence of excess weight and acquired chronic diseases begin to hugely affect the male body. Problems can also appear among men with spinal cord injuries.

Symptoms of male erectile dysfunction:

– Lack of erection or it is unsatisfactory;
– Erection disappears during sexual intercourse;
– The complete absence of ejaculation;
– Premature ejaculation.

The manifestation of any of the above symptoms alleges a violation of erectile function and the necessary consultation with a physician. It is also important to know what is necessary to restore male potency: perform regular physical exercising (developed various complexes or Kegel exercises, start eating healthy foods for potency (dates, parsley, eggs, nuts, etc.), try to deal with addictions.

Causes of impotence at 40 years

Impotence among patients older than 40 years old is most likely provoked by organic impairments. They can be endocrine diseases of the cardiovascular system. The older male has the greater likelihood of his atherosclerosis, diabetes, and hypertension. They adversely affect the potency and sometimes even become a reason of failure to complete sexual intercourse.

The cause of impotence among males after 40 may be prostatitis. Other causes: obesity surgeries in the pelvic organs, taking certain medications, and following for harmful habits.

You may get rid of your erectile dysfunction. But still, with age, just good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and refusal of bad habits may not be enough. There are many medications that may easily help you get rid of self-doubt and regain the pleasure of sexual intercourse, for example, generic Viagra 20 mg.