The Role of Testosterone in Male Health

The importance of testosterone in men’s health and life quality can hardly be overestimated. Speaking briefly, this unique hormone is responsible for everything that is associated with masculinity – deep voice, facial and body hairs, male pattern baldness, muscle mass and, of course, libido and potency. Logically enough, low testosterone often becomes a primary cause of erectile dysfunction, which is commonly combined with a reduced sex drive and low overall energy.

Why does Testosterone Reduce?

Testosterone levelLow Testosterone as a Cause of Erectile Dysfunction and Ways of Its Raising! in blood is not permanent – it changes throughout a day, throughout a year and throughout life. For example, typically, in the morning it reaches its peak, and in summer it is higher than in winter. That is why, sexologists recommend making sex in the morning.

In the course of ageing the level of testosterone is constantly changing. It begins to grow in the period of puberty and reaches it maximum by the age of 18-22. At this age men’s sexual activity is the highest. After that, a gradual decreasing of testosterone begins. Up to the age of 35 this decrease is virtually unnoticeable. After the age of 35, if a man is healthy, testosterone is decreasing approximately by 1% per year. However, sometimes a sudden drop in the hormone level occurs. Then the man may need a medical help.

The most common reasons for testosterone decreasing are the following:

  • Obesity, extra body weight, sedentary lifestyle. Almost all overweight men have lower testosterone.
  • Improper nutrition. Junk food and fast food have a negative impact on all spheres of health, including testosterone level.
  • Lack of sex. Yes, testosterone level impacts sexual activity. And sexual activity, in turn, impacts testosterone.
  • Lack of exercising. Motion is life. After training testosterone is always some higher than before training. And men, who train regularly, permanently have a higher testosterone.
  • Use of certain medications. Some medicines can have side effects, causing testosterone reducing.

How to Raise Testosterone at Home?

In many cases it is possible to raise testosterone at home, without medical help. To do it by yourself, try to follow recommendations:

  • Eat testosterone-raising food (greenery, red meat, seafood, nuts and seeds, ginger and others) and refuse from junk food.
  • Lose some weight. It helps, really.
  • Exercise! Go to a gym or just jog in the park – do something.
  • Quit bad habits.
  • Lead a regular sexual life.

To choose the best strategy, consult a specialist (an andrologist). Timely and adequate measures taken will help to increase the level of the hormone without cardinal measures, such as TRT.

What is TRT and When is It Needed?

Testosterone replacement therapy is a medical treatment of low testosterone. It is prescribed to men with a severe form of testosterone deficiency. TRT helps to increase testosterone level quickly and efficiently, but it has a lot of side effects. It is prescribed when other methods are absolutely inefficient.